history of the preservation


The Christos Aetou Tzifakis Archive consists of documents he wrote throughout his lifetime. This personal archive was supplemented by documents sent to him by third parties during the Battle of Crete and the National Resistance, and after the Liberation.

The Archive remained at Tzifakis's house in Prines, Rethymno after his death. In 1982, his son Aetos Tzifakis – a retired Greek Navy Admiral – gave it to Doctor Nikos Alexandrou Kokonas from Gerakari, who re-archived it and wrote two studies based exclusively on documents drawn from it: Christos Aetou Tzifakis Archive. Autobiography – The Battle of Crete, Athens 1986, and British Spies in Crete, Athens 1991, the latter based on the 99 messages from British spies found in the Tzifakis Archive.

In 2005 Christos A. Tzifakis's grandson, Christos N. Tzifakis, received the Archive from the Kokonas family and kept it at his home in Athens. Having made the personal acquaintance of historical researcher Costis Mamalakis, he decided to lend the Archive to the Society of Cretan Historical Studies for storage, classification and study in August 2011. The agreement was extended in 2013.

The Archive is housed in the Archive and Library Department of the Historical Museum of Crete and will be made available to the public for research, following the joint decision of the Board of the Society of Cretan Historical Studies, Aetos Tzifakis and Christos Nikolaou Tzifakis.