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HMC Shop

At the HMC Shop and bookstore, right next to the Museum entrance, you’ll find the full range of books published by the Society of Cretan Historical Studies, as well as numerous other books on Cretan history and culture.

In addition, the shop sells a variety of items for decorative and practical use - ceramic jewellery, pottery and icons, copies from the Museum collections, a range of engraved maps, cards, souvenirs and children’s gifts for our younger friends.

The HMC Shop gives pride of place to creations by young designers, inspired by Museum exhibits. Silver, semi-precious stones, silk, wood and clay are just some of the materials that make for a beautiful, personal gift.

Winter Opening Hours | 30.10.2023 - 31.03.2024
Monday - Friday: 09:00΄ - 15:30΄
Saturday: 10:00΄ - 16:00΄
Sunday-Public Holidays: Closed