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Videodance at the Historical Museum of Crete | A tribute to India


Α tribute to India | 16-25/8/2016
Indian directors, choreographers and dancers
organized and curated by Rajyashree Ramamurthi


Nehru place | 5m,
DUDRO | 5m 20s,
Site Mapping | 6m,
Tarq | 4 m,
Black Pot and Movement | 13 m,
The Incomplete Autobiography | 2m 51s,
Traced | 1m 26s.

Rajyashree Ramamurthi (IN), Desmond Roberts (IN), Parimal Phadke (IN), Dhanya Pilo  (IN), Surjit Nongmeikapam (IN), Preethi Athreya (IN),Yashaswini R (IN), Rakesh MPS (IN), Asim Waqif (IN), Chaoba Thiyam (IN), Mayuka Ueno Gayer (JP), Frederic Lombard (CH)

Rajyashree Ramamurthi proposes a selection of works that bring together dance, video and the city the interaction and interrelationship the selected works center on  the theme of time and of place, or exlore issues of identity and memory.

Picking the Longpi (black pot) of Manipur as an interface between the body and region Black Pot and Movement is a search for new movement  by two dancers (one From Manipur And another from Japan).

Underline, Dudro, Tarq, Site Mapping and Nehru Place are part of the Yellow Line Project  a collaborative residency that seeks to examine the relationship between art and the city that it inhabits.  Christened after the first metro line that radically altered life in Delhi it was conceived as an experimental space for collaborative interactions between choreographers, media artists and the city.

The screen dance work Incomplete Autobiography ( 2004 The Place Screen Dance Award and part of the British Council Forward Motion Screen Dance collection) directed by Rajyashree Ramamurthi in collaboration with Silke Mansholt, proposes  a narrative of embodied memories of childhood.

Finally, Traced was made on the premise of having a fixed camera and a moving subject.

Rajyashree Ramamurthi is a performing artist and educator based currently in Pune, India. She has been curating screenings of video dance work since 2009 in festivals such as the Attakalari Biennial (Bangalore, India) as well as Ignite! Festival of Contemporary Dance (Delhi, India). She also makes her own live work as well as video dance work both of which have been showcased around the world.

Coming up next:  26-31 August: Aliki Chiotaki.