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The Historical Museum of Crete Comes to your Home


The Historical Museum of Crete Comes to your Home

for as long as necessary


By decision of the SCHS Board and following the relevant announcement by the Greek Ministry of Culture, the Historical Museum of Crete is closed to visitors from Saturday 14 March to Monday 27 April 2020. This also applies to the SCHS Library.

However, the Historical Museum is not suspending its operation and will stay close to its friends, young and old, who are forced by circumstances to spend more time at home. The Museum is boosting its internet presence and its communication with the public via the application The Historical Museum of Crete Comes to your Home, available on the Museum’s website and social media from the afternoon of 13 March 2020. These are new and existing applications addressed to all ages and intended to provide a museum experience without visitors being physically present in the Museum building.

More specifically, the following interactive applications are available for children: Nikos Kazantzakis, a Traveller through Places and Ideas (in Greek), El Greco: A Long Journey (in Greek, English, French, German) and The Turnings of the Wheel (in Greek) on the numismatic history of Crete, based on the Museum Numismatic Collection.

The digital applications for all ages include virtual tours of the Historical Museum of Crete and the Piskopiano Museum of Rural Life, temporary exhibitions and selected archive collections of the HMC. You can also watch talks and lectures (in Greek) held at the Museum and access SCHS publications. Further applications will be placed at the disposal of the friends of the Museum, both young and old, over the next few days. All the Museum’s online services including the e-shop will continue to operate at usual.

The scientific and administrative staff of the Museum will continue to work as normal (09:00-17:00 Monday to Friday), carrying out all their current work and duties. They will continue to comply with the protective measures already in force (awareness and compliance with personal hygiene and safety rules, preventative disinfections, use of MC70LVM air ionisers, increased general cleaning services) and have the option of working from home. The Museum staff remain available on the telephone and by email for anyone interested in the activities of the Museum and wishing to make use of its digital resources.

Let us remain careful but optimistic. We will get through these trying times together, emerging stronger on the other side.