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Cretica Chronica - Call for Papers, vol. 42 (2022)


Cretica Chronica appears annually, publishing original academic articles in Modern Greek, English, French, German or Italian on topics that relate to Cretan history, archaeology, literature and culture from prehistoric to modern times.

Papers submitted for publication are subject to anonymous peer review. The journal also accepts book presentations and reviews. Papers are accompanied by a brief English abstract and keywords in the language of the text.

As well as the printed edition, the Society of Cretan Historical Studies is preparing the open-access website www.cretica-chronica.gr to host the papers in the more recent volumes (vol. 31 | 2011 onwards). The papers in vol. 42 (2022) will be uploaded to the website six months after the publication of the printed edition, and authors may upload them to other websites (e.g. academia.edu) one year after publication of the printed edition.

We invite you to submit papers for publication in vol. 42 (2022) of Cretica Chronica by 30th April 2022.

E-mail address: cretica.chronica@ekim.gr


The Journal Editor

Alexis Kalokerinos, President, SCHS


The Journal Managing Editor

Lena Tzedaki-Apostolaki, General Secretary, SCHS