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Introduction to the Museum

Starting from early Christian times, the Historical Museum of Crete presents the turbulent history of the large Mediterranean island up until the mid-20th century. As an orientation area over this long period of fascinating changes, the Museum’s introductory room offers visitors basic information on the main historical phases on Crete, making use of artifacts, maps, books (some of which can be leafed through on the spot via ipad), and images typical of each era. Special emphasis is placed on the period of Venetian rule, since monuments from that particular time remain visitor landmarks on the island to the present day.

With particular regard to Heraklion, or Venetian Candia, an impressive 1:500 scale model measuring approximately 15 square metres replicates the city in the mid-17th century, shortly before the Ottoman assault. Plans, photographs and brief texts on the surrounding walls present particular monuments and sites in the city, which visitors can pick out on the model by using the special lighting system. Alternatively, the city can be toured via a wall projection of relevant images combined with spotlights focused on the monuments.