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In highlighting the numismatic history of Crete, the aim is not solely to present economic life on the Great Island, but also the political, religious and ideological environment over all periods of its historical life, on account of the symbolism declared by numismatic objects as an expression of contemporary power, and also as works of art.

At the beginning, the exhibition is organized chronologically into eight sections corresponding to eight historical periods, from the late pre-Christian centuries to the age of the Euro.  Numismatic objects are imaginatively presented in special porthole displays, with groups of coins (hoards) in additional cases alongside associated archive and survey material (documents, maps etc). A digital application enables visitors to select objects of interest and study them on one of a total of six raised screens in the room. 

The four final sections are groupings by type: displays of lead seals, medals, coin jewellery and a feature on one of the major benefactors of the Museum Numismatic Collection.